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DG SHIPPING APPROVAL VIRTUAL CLASS -- Advance Tanker: CHEMCO – 25TH OCT , TASCO – 1ST NOV GASCO – 15TH NOV – Basic Tanker : OTFC – 01 NOV ; GTFC - 01ST NOV -- Basic Refresher :R-FPFF ; R-PST - 12ST NOV, EFA - 01ST NOV ; PSSR - 01ST NOV –- Basic Fresh : BST - 01ST NOV , STSDSD – 28TH OCT ; PSFC – 01ST NOV –- Advance Refresher : R-AFF – EVERY MONDAY , R-PSCRB – EVERY TUESDAY , R-MFA - 27TH OCT ; RUTC - EVERY THURSDAY -- Advance Fresh : AFF – 08TH NOV , PSCRB – 1ST NOV , MFA - 25TH OCT , SSO – 28TH OCT ; CRISIS – 26TH OCT


Pondicherry Maritime Academy

Our campus is built over a wide area which includes all the facilities for the students like fully air-conditioned classrooms, Seamanship lab, Sports, and Hostel facility.

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Pondicherry Maritime Academy

Our library is well-stocked and fully-computerized with the rich and rare collections of Marine and Engineering books, magazines, novels, etc., from the famous authors.

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Pondicherry Maritime Academy

The State of art laboratories are available for Physics, Chemistry, Fluid Mechanics, etc and also a vast area of workshops for practical training.

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Swimming Pool

Pondicherry Maritime Academy

We offer swimming training to our students by experts along with the part of the course. We guide beginners with the safety precautions and make them a good swimmer through our practical sessions.

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Fire Station

Pondicherry Maritime Academy

Fire Station facility is available on our campus to give practical training on fire prevention and precaution techniques. We educate our students through practical sessions for easier understanding and handle them safely.

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Hostel Canteen

Pondicherry Maritime Academy

We provide residential facilities to the students by providing hygienic and healthy food in our hostel canteen.

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Pondicherry Maritime Academy

A full-fledged transportation facility is available for both the students and staff from various places in and around Pondicherry.

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